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The READING SCREEN has settings that pertain to the way the pages and posts are displayed on your site.

The two FRONT PAGE DISPLAYS buttons determine if your front page will display YOUR LATEST POSTS or a STATIC PAGE from a list of the pages.

If you select YOUR LATEST POST then each time you make a new post this post will be placed on the top of the stack of posts and displayed first for reading.

The A STATIC PAGE button will display a STATIC page you created. Static PAGES are created in the PAGES sub-panel on the navigation bar.

STATIC PAGE has two selections, ONE for the FRONT PAGE display and another for the POSTS PAGE display.

When you create a static page in the PAGE SUB-PANEL in the top navigation bar be aware of one restriction. When naming this page: DO NOT name it home.php – this will cause problems in viewing posts. Any other name is fine.

Choose a page from the available pages in the drop-down menu. This will tell WordPress that this is the page to be displayed first.

Now you will need to select the page that the will display your POSTS since a static page will now be in the place of your POSTS on the front page. The page you select will be where visitors can read your posts

For instance, if I want a welcome message to appear first then create that static page and select it from the drop-down menu.

Now that will appear on the front page but no posts. You now need to tell WordPress to display your actual posts somewhere else.

By choosing a static page from the drop-down menu I am letting WordPress know to display my posts on this page.

IF you leave this selection on “SELECT” then your posts will only be accessible from the other navigation options such as the CATEGORY and ARCHIVE LINKS. By default, this page selection always uses the index.php or home.php file and will ignore any other template file that may be assigned to it.

The next selection tells WordPress how many post to show per page. One will display one and three will display 3 per page and so on.

The SYNDICATION FEEDS SHOW THE MOST RECENT will be the number of posts that is downloaded through the sites feeds (your RSS feeds for instance).

The FOR EACH ARTICLE IN A FEED, SHOW selection will determine if the feed contains the full text or a summary (if you are trying to save bandwidth).

ENCODING FOR PAGES AND FEEDS is the character-encoding that is used to handle the storage and transmission of the text over the internet. Unless you have a specific reason to change this then the UTF-8 (Unicode Transformation Format – 8 Bit) coding is adequate.

REMEMBER to SAVE ALL CHANGES before you exit the page.

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