How to Make Shipping Cars to France Easy

Shipping cars overseas and shipping from london is always hectic as we are not aware of the specific rules in other lands. Like on any other land, France too has its set of rules for importing the cars. If you have any plans of shipping cars in France then you have to abide by the specific rules set by the French legislature. The standards of environmental and safety measures is very strict in this land. Therefore, you have to make proper planning before you think about shipment of your vehicle. Here are some important rules associated with auto shipping.

You have to 10% import tax for importing a private car in France. However, the rate varies with different countries, but usually it is 10%. On top of that, the customs department imposes a VAT of 19.6% on the total cost of the vehicle. If you bring the car through a different nation, which is a member of the European Union, then you are not required to pay the import tax. The French Internal revenue Service will only charge the Value Added Tax and you can do away with the Customs.

When you pay the tax, you are provided with an import declaration copy. This copy is a permission that allows you to bring your vehicle in the land of France. You will get the valid documents and receipts after your payment of tax gets accepted.

Apart from the tax, the most important aspect for any overseas car shipping is appropriate documents. For shipping cars to France you have to acquire the car’s registration and the invoice from the nation of origin. If your car is coming through any other European member nation then you have to produce a T1 declaration. In case, the original nation where the vehicle has been manufactured has got a trade contract with France, then you have to get a movement certificate EUR.1.

Once all the above formalities of shipping car overseas get over, you have to register your car in the nation. Once your vehicle arrives on the port and it is released after the usual procedures, you are provided with instructions that you have to do the registration work within four months. In addition, you are also required to get a license plate as per French domestic norms. Following these rules are essential to maintain the environment and safety standards in France.

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