How to Create Hair Extensions

Step 1

Create a section where you wish to attach the extension. Make sure that the hair is clean and free of styling products use a clarifying shampoo first such as db salon clarifying shampoo and conditioner. Work the shampoo into the hair and leave for 5 minutes after rinse and apply a clarifying conditioner.

Step 2

Once complete use a plastic heat-resistant separator disk to protect the scalp from the fusion areas and where the heat applicator gun will be applied. Slip the hair through the hole.

Step 3

Clip the disc in place and hold the strands where you will attach the extensions.

Step 4

Place the extension below the strands and cup inside the extension with your hand ready to fasten securely.

Step 5

Once you are certain the extension is in place, take your fusion iron and melt the glue of the bond fusing it together with the hair strands.

Step 6

Be careful not to wipe away the glue with your fusion iron

Step 7

Use your fingers to roll the extension and hair strands together to form a strong bond. Wear a pair of plastic gloves or needle thumb cover to protect your fingers. The aim is to make the insertion point as small as possible.

Step 8

When done properly the extension should rest close to the hairline and be completely sealed. Repeat as necessary for desired effect.


Do not wash the hair for twenty four hours. Make sure you wash the hair with a hair salon approved hair extensions shampoo. These shampoos are formulated to not damage the keratin in the bonds.

Treat the hair after with a hair extension conditioner, always use a hair extension brush when combing. Follow these tips and you will prolong the life of your hair extensions making them have more value for money and that your hair is kept in tip top condition through the time you have the extensions in the hair.


Step 1

Use acetone-remover and squeeze the liquid onto the bond/blued area. Leave the liquid to absorb for two minutes and start to breakdown the hair extensions bond.

Step 2

Use hair pliers to break the seal of the extension and loosen its grip

Step 3

Slide the extension out, repeat as necessary. Slight residue may still appear. Wash the hair once after all the extensions have been removed with a clarifying shampoo

Extension Advice from a stylist with over 20 years experience

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